Amber has had a passion for art since childhood, when a pencil and a piece of paper could keep her busy for hours. In high school she realized veterinary medicine was too gruesome for her, so since she enjoyed drawing, she decided to pursue art as a career. She took every single art class her high school offered (including underwater basket weaving, where she was very disappointed to learn that a scuba suit would not be required) and in 2005 she got her AA in Art from Santa Fe College in Gainesville, Florida. In 2006 she received an AS in Graphic Design from Lake City Community College, and reached for a Bachelors in Animation & Design at the Art Institute of Boston at Lesley University in 2009. All the while, Amber worked as a graphic artist in print production to fund her education.
In summer of 2013, Amber finally decided to pursue freelance work full time with All or Nothing Design, her design, print and illustration business. She took 2 years off in 2015 to have her first and only child, Aurora Muse and is currently completing the second illustrated works in the Children's Success Series and Seed's Journey Home.
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